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 Pixel Digital Led Strip


Normally used on high end stage productions.




It has become more accessible to the general market without compromising on quality, all our pixel tapes carry a full 17,000Hrs / 2 Year warranty and can be supplied in ratings IP65 to IP 68 for outdoor use.


This product gives Imaging light that flows beautifully along the strip, creating shadow effects, or stunning sunrise to sunset mood options that will give your venue a totally new dimension


With this latest technology, we can pre-program a sequence of colour changes, fades, patterns, and many more effects to your design, creating a light show that you can turn on with a simple touch of a button.


Our range of DMX controllers will work with your existing computer based lighting software in your venue allowing you to control all of your visuals, old and new,  with one controller.


“This type of lighting is only limited by your own imagination.” 

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