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 Pro Audio Installation & Service

Live Music, Disco, Background

We use the same design concept as with our lighting and video services. This means we can reverse engineer your system to give you a viable starting point that you can build from as your business grows, using quality products that fit your needs and budget with not compromising on sound quality.

From Live Stage setups DJ / Nightclub / Karaoke / Background / Sports bar / Restaurants and Shopping locals (centers) / Fitness centers / Gyms. All require a different types of sound system to give the best quality sound re-production for that specific environment.


Whether its split over multiple zones to give different sound media in different areas like playing three sports games in different parts of a sports bar with commentary for each split to that particular video (Tv, Projector, Video Wall etc) all piped through what seams to be one sound system.

Or a mix of Nightclub atmosphere in the main dance room with several chill out rooms playing different types of music. We can give each area their own setup Ie more Power / Bass driven for the Main Room, and a softer setup for the Chill out sides.

SUB, Tops & Mid upgrade from active to passive with digital Speaker management processor & 6k of power amps "Hippodrome"


Sound reinforcement covers a lot of ground, from small cafés that hold live events to outdoor concerts with audiences numbering in the tens of thousands. What's more, the type of sound necessary for a rock concert might be quite different from sound that's appropriate for a world-music concert, for example. The sound system must be optimally matched to the scale of the event as well as the content. One thing that most live events have in common, regardless of scale, is the need for sound design that results in a clear, natural (flat) overall sound. If the sound is muddy, or if some frequencies are unnaturally louder or softer than others, the audience will end up fatigued and will not be able to enjoy the event.


A major difference from background music applications is that achieving clear direction is an important part of sound design. The audience should be able to clearly hear where the sound of each source is coming from. The positioning and tuning of the speaker system is critical to achieving clear, natural sound direction. 


 Pro Audio Servicing

Using only original replacement parts or upgrades

Old School EV Speaker Crossover repair and general service - Crac 'N' Ceol


Lead Guitar effects peddle service  "The Perfect Circus"


Peavey Power amp capacitor fault & Service.


Yamaha Live desk replacement fader's & trim pots fault & Service.

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